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6 reasons to join a beekeeping association:

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to join a beekeeping association. Confused and befuddled you ask the question “why would a non-beekeeper want to join a beekeeping group?” Here … Continue reading

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Overwintering behaviour in bees is important as overwintering losses can be devastating to even the hardiest of beekeepers. When the snow is blowing a common question from non-beekeepers is: “What … Continue reading

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Meaning, madness or meditation?

There is so much more to beekeeping than providing the bees with a box and inspecting them periodically. There are also the social and philosophical elements of beekeeping. A local … Continue reading

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Possibilities and probabilities

One thing that beekeepers learn early on is that although it is possible to grow strong hives and get a decent honey harvest it is also possible to loose your … Continue reading

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