Ottawa Honey House

Know your honey


The Ottawa Honey House beekeepers are a diverse bunch that have three things in common:

  1. They have bee hives within 100km of the city of Ottawa, Canada
  2. They only sell the honey from their own hives through the Ottawa Honey House
  3. They love their bees!

20140616_j9smoker_profilesmFeel free to read their biographies and learn about the passion that leads these people to spend their time and energy on these remarkable creatures.

  • Jeannine Cloutier founded the Ottawa Honey House and manages this website. She nurtures 8 hives by her home in the Greenbelt near Kanata and another 6 hives just west of Stittsville.

If you’re a beekeeper that meets the above mentioned Ottawa Honey House criteria please feel free to contact us to see what’s involved in being an Ottawa Honey House beekeeper. There is no requirement to sell your honey products through us but we can be a means by which Ottawa consumers can learn about your apiary and you’d have the option of selling your honey through the Ottawa Honey House while receiving recognition and a fair price.

Feel free to contact the Ottawa Honey House with your comments, questions or suggestions. We also like to hear from locals interested in honey or bees and are always happy to get feedback:

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