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Bumpy roads make for a fun ride

Fig 1. 2014 honey jarred and labelled

Fig 1. 2014 honey jarred and labelled

The process sounds simple (harvest, extract, bottle and label) and yet somehow it got complicated and the distance between point A and point B went through point Q (with a stopover in Albuquerque). The bumps and detours have, however, made this honey production year a particularly rewarding one. If everything had gone according to plan I wouldn’t have had the chance to make some new friends or learned, first hand, how generous strangers can be.

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans
– Allen Saunders

Wishing you all a long, bumpy and winding road with lots of good people along the way. Now to update the products page and email those people who’ve expressed interest in buying some honey. Thank you for your patience and bee enthusiasm!

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